Analysis needle plate has good performance

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Now the article mainly analyzes the good performance of the needle plate. When it comes to the needle board, many people will think that it is an accessory on the sewing machine. Young people should understand this word very little and seldom touch it. And now few people have such a "decoration" as the sewing machine in their homes. All the clothes that need to be repaired are taken to the shop outside for repair or just thrown away. Even if it is such an accessory, few people will know its performance. They only know that it is an accessory, and the sewing machine cannot operate without it. What are the good performance of the needle plate? I list the following points.

1. Good recyclability: As long as the cost is equal to 4% of the price of new materials, the needle board products and waste can be recycled.

2. Light weight: the proportion of needle plate is the lighter among all structural alloys, accounting for 68% of aluminum alloy, 27% of zinc alloy, and 23% of steel. In addition to the shell and internal structural parts of 3C products, it is also an excellent material for automobile, aircraft and other parts.

3. High specific strength and specific rigidity: the specific strength of the needle plate is significantly higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and the specific rigidity is equivalent to that of aluminum alloy and steel, but far higher than that of engineering plastics, 10 times that of general plastics.

4. Good vibration resistance: under the same load, the vibration resistance is 100 times that of aluminum and 300~500 times that of titanium alloy.

This is the end of the introduction of the good performance of the needle plate. Everyone should have some understanding about it. Its function and how it is better than other materials have been clearly stated in the article. As long as you read this article carefully, you can understand that the needle plate is not just a part. Don't discard the old needle plate. Maybe it will be used in other aspects after recycling. Maybe it will be of higher value.