Introduction and precautions of needle roller

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The other name of the needle roller is needle ring or needle cylinder, which is mainly used for punching. It is a metal cylinder with steel needles planted on the surface, which is installed in the drafting area for controlling and carding fibers. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce the use precautions of the needle roller.

The needle roller is mainly used in the coarse sand machine of silk and wool spinning, the coarse wool spinning frame and the tricot fine sand machine. The needle roller force is small, the carding is gentle and fine, the force distribution on the fiber is relatively uniform, the fiber damage is small, it is not easy to break, the fiber is easy to transfer, it is not easy to wind the needle cloth, the needle height becomes shorter, but the needle tip still keeps the tooth shape for carding, it is used to control and comb the fiber in the drafting area, the quality of the needle roller is good or bad, It will directly affect the quality of yarn.

The needle roller has the characteristics of adapting to high-speed non-cotton fiber and long service life. It is not only widely used in the textile industry, but also applicable to 1. punching of various composite materials, 2. punching of non-woven fabrics, 3. punching of film, 4. punching of desiccant, 5. composite punching, 6. punching of special paper, 7. punching of packaging materials, 8. punching of packaging paper bags, 9. punching of leather, etc., which are applied in many processing industries.

In the process of use, it should be noted that the surface temperature should be uniform during heating. Generally, oil heating is better than electric heating. It should be noted that the lock nut should be tightened after heating, and the main shaft and needle roller should cooperate evenly, and the force should be evenly distributed. Neither too strong nor too loose should be taken care of, and it should be handled gently during installation. If you want to pay attention to the performance and application of the needle roller, you should pay attention to its application and device. The concentricity of the main shaft also determines the application life of the needle roller, and you also need to pay special attention.

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